Higher education in Finland is very close to the Anglo-Saxon system, although it has adopted the LMD reform to facilitate equivalence and mobility of its students within the European Union. However, Finland maintains a rather particular university system, which is reflected in the training institutions that offer. There are nearly 340 different programs of study ranging from Bachelor to PhD in Finland, and the majority of them are available English, the country with an excellent command of the language.

Qualifications available in universities in Finland are the following diagram:

Bachelor’s degree: equivalent License in France. It is 180 credits, 3 years of study, and it is the first university diploma. You can discover the basics of modules studied in the first year and then explore during the next two years to obtain an intermediate level. It also includes the study of foreign languages ​​and a thesis last year.


Master’s degree: equivalent of our Master in France. It is 120 credits, 2 years of study, and it is accessible to students who have completed their Bachelor’s degree. They exist more than 200 master programs available in English. The student must join a program, however, in connection with his prior training.It covers the activities of the Bachelor’s Degree in greater depth, and a thesis must be prepared by the student in the final year.

Doctor’s programs: Only available to university, these courses are equivalent to our PhD in France. however, this type of program is usually prepared in 4 years in Finland, and is contrary to 240 ECTS credits 3 years of study required France.Research and the preparation of a thesis level are the main activities of the Doctor’s program . There are two types of programs available, programs like “classic”, that is to say a pre-defined by the university, or programs such as “to the map” which are somehow adapted to the needs the student. It is advisable to contact the university of your choice to learn more about the opportunities offered by such programs. When the Doctor’s funding programs, all scholarships in Finland is available at this level for EU students.

All qualifications described above correspond to degrees available in Finnish universities , however, it is possible to join an institute Polytechnics, which offers courses and degrees different, more focused on the professionalization and specialization.