Many French students wishing to join the short training programs and focus on the business world. While French institutions now offer our traditional BTS and DUT, Australia offers a slightly different operation mode presented in the form of “Vocational Races.”

These training programs promote the practical application of theories and other knowledge taught in the different modules and are available in several institutions in Australia, whether public or private.

In a period of between four months to nearly 3 years , each international student can find the training that corresponds to it, he’s just trying to study and live in Australia for a short period where he really wants to start his studies on places.

Recognition “Vocational Programs” Australian:

The Australian university system is generally more to prove and it is easy to argue the diplomas on site. However, because of their sometimes unusual duration or very advanced in some cases specialization, all “Vocational Programs” will not provide an academic equivalency to your return to France.


It is therefore advisable to turn to programs respecting the structure established in France, namely short courses in two or three years, or according to the diagram of European diploma following the LMD reform.

When the recognition on the labor market, employers will soon link with French short courses , fluency in English as well. Few difficulties are to be expected at this level.

The structure of “Vocational Races” in Australia:

As in France, the intensified training on practice and the professional world get a success increasingly important in Australia because they meet a real need for students and businesses and offer excellent insertion rate on the market employment.

Institutions now offer dozens of possible specializations such as: Agricultural Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, Design, Electronic Engineering, the Telecommunications, Archaeology, Languages . The possibilities are endless, and may differ across institutions. To you in your search to find the right training for you!

The system of training “Vocational” is still quite dense. 5 is found levels of degrees depending on the length of training and the specialty chosen.

* “Certificate” 1: 4-6 months of study
* “Certificate 2”: 6 to 8 months of study
* “Certificate 3” 12 months of study
* “Certificate 4” 18 months of study
* “Diploma of …”: from 18 to 24 months of study
* “Advanced Diploma of …” 24 to 36 months of study.

Required to join a “Vocational Race” in Australia:

The diploma is not required for admission to the “Certificates” program , although it is more than recommended. Indeed, schools receive more applications than places available, and the selection is made ​​via the quality of the student’s file.

The “Diploma” or “Advanced Diploma” ask however almost always obtain a general or vocational Baccalaureate. The results obtained during the first year of Terminal and translated into English. Turn to the administration of your school to get the documents translated, or if this is not possible, to a sworn translator.

The score obtained in a language test. Australia is behind the IELTS test, it is increasingly recognized that although both TOEFL tests are normally recognized universally. A CV detailing all the professional experience of the student. these programs that give great importance to vocational education, any prior experience is highly valued in your file.