The registration for international students at institutions of higher education in Argentina process varies depending on the educational level of the program you want to join (degree, Master or Doctorate).

Registration for universities to be top at least 6 months before the scheduled date of return. Provide additional three months to gather all the necessary documents to your application form. Registrations are on file, either online or by mail. Choose you some interesting formations and establishments, and contact them if you want to get more information. During the registration process, you will need to go to the Argentine Embassy in France to pass a Spanish test confirming that you have a sufficient level. It is generally not necessary to translate your degree at university enrollment.

Registration institutions in Argentina, a difference between public and private:

Join a course in Argentina require different approaches depending on your level of education , but also by type of institution you join. So if you join a public institution, it is necessary to contact the Embassy of Argentina in France to obtain an application for registration under the ” resolution Ministerial 1523-1590 “. Students enrolling in a private establishment, however, are exempt from this process.


This document will then be attached to your registration at the university, including in particular the results of the last two years, diplomas of higher education and your degree. In this often adds a letter written in Spanish, the fee, a photocopy of your identification documents and any other documents requested by the potential establishment to which you are applying.

During the preparation of your case, the best thing to do is go directly to the dedicated to the inscription on the gate of the university selected part. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the property in question who will be happy to answer you. All procedures take between 7-9 months, it is therefore necessary to take relatively early. Once the response of the university obtained, you can if you are admitted to begin the process for obtaining a student visa and pay the registration fee.