Sports science is a field of study focused on different approaches and disciplines that facilitate the analysis of sport performance. There are so course.


Bern is not only the capital of Switzerland, but also a place where you can find university curricula of study and institutions at the national level only. Among these, we find the science institute of theater and dance, which was founded almost 20 years ago. Science theater and dance can be chosen as a primary or secondary matter. too religious studies and the sciences of Central Asian cultures are taught exclusively at the University of Bern, as well as several Master’s programs present in the various faculties. department of general ecology, founded in 1988, is another specialty of the university. His courses, however, can be followed only as a secondary matter of 60, 30 or 15 credits.


The university also stands out for its study programs and research related to climate and planetary space (respectively, research Biomedical (Translational Biomedical Research and Biomedical Engineering) and the interdisciplinary curriculum of law and economics: the Master of International Law and Economics, MILE, is the only specialist in the world that allows us to study both law, economics and international politics in a period of 34 weeks. should be noted, finally, that the university is a member of the network of academic collaboration together with the University. The association, created in 1993, was established with the aim of ensuring the development and growth of interdisciplinary and inter-university projects at the three academic centers. Students from the University of Bern, therefore, have the opportunity to attend classes without paying any additional fees.

Courses of study

In the list of curricula (available on this web page in the right bar) are presented courses offered by the University Bachelor of Bern. The name “Monomaniac” (single field) indicates an address where we should not choose academic subjects secondary, such as medicine. The subjects that have an “X” in the various categories can be selected to create a unique curriculum, but we invite you to pay attention to the regulations and curricula issued by the various faculties. In some matters, in fact, some combinations are mandatory. Computer science students, for example, are required to have mathematics as a secondary matter. More freedom is instead granted within the humanities.

The University in figures (as of January 2012)

Year of foundation:1,834
Number of students:15,412
Italian-speaking students (cantons TI & GR): 157 (1.02%)
Presence of women: 54.3%
Tuition fees: 805.