The campus currently includes 163 buildings spread over an area of ​​1.7 km ² in the western part of Los Angeles, north of Westwood and commercial district just south of Sunset Boulevard and is bordered by the neighborhoods of Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Brentwood. The campus offers spacious lawns, gardens with sculptures and fountains, museums and a wealth of architectural styles. It is not officially divided into North Campus and South Campus, which are all in the western half of the territory of the university.

University of California

The North Campus is the original core of the campus, with a more classical architecture, Italian style, we have based the faculty of arts, humanities, social sciences, law and economics and is crossed by tree-lined street of Dickinson Court. The South Campus is the site of the Department of Physics, Biology, Engineering, Psychology, Mathematics, Medicine and the UCLA Medical Center.
The campus is continually evolving, with lots of expansion projects, including new housing, classrooms and laboratories and a new hospital
In 2002 the university has begun to build a new residential complex, Weyburn Terrace, to gather all graduates, being that there are apartment complexes managed by the university campus, or close by 2001. The new complex is located on the western edge of Westwood, a few blocks from the main campus of UCLA, and was completed before the winter semester of 2005. Weyburn Terrace enables UCLA to provide housing for about half of the graduates who come and vocational students.
The Ackerman Union, the John Wooden Center, the Arthur Ashe Health and Wellness Center, Student Activities Center, Kerkhoff Hall, JD Morgan Center, The James Wes Alumni Center, Pauley Pavilion and overlook the main square on campus.
The tallest building on campus is named after Ralph Bunche , an African-American student, who received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1950 for negotiating peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians in Palestine. A bust of him, at the entrance to Bunche Hall, overlooks the Sculpture Garden. It was the first non-European and the first UCLA student to be awarded the
The campus has a large number of parking spaces, both underground and does not, but the university continues to complain of a severe shortage of parking, which is accompanied by a shortage of housing in Southern California. The university has reserved parking for staff and students, regardless of the distance of the place of origin. There are plenty of facilities served by local buses.


The UCLA valued as fundamental characteristics, intellectual ability, academic achievement and personal qualities that can contribute to the university community. In particular, pay attention to the following credentials:

-Excellent performance in a rigorous program in high school.
-High academic qualifications, with relevant certificates and documents that prove so.
-Prove that you have sufficient funds to cover the expense involved in studying a U.S. university.

Here are all the details of the offices of the university, from people you have to communicate and all the details and application forms for admission.