Could be introduced doping tests to unmask Cambridge University students who use drugs to be able to stay alert and focused. Many members, in fact, can not keep pace study high made ​​of tests one after the other tests too hard and nights in white to finish studying – so I’m more and more people who end up taking illicit drugs. A phenomenon that, in addition to worry, it disturbs those who continue to settle for coffee just to stay awake. It is precisely these to push for controls and drug tests by the university English.

According to the data reported by a survey, over 10 percent of the students attending the University of Cambridge already makes use of substances capable of increasing the concentration and the speed of learning such as, for example, the Modafinil or Ritalin . The first is a drug that is used for the treatment of insomnia and narcolepsy, a disorder characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness and suddenly falling asleep. Ritalin, however, is a medicine that affects certain neurotransmitters, increasing the levels of concentration and reduce hyperactivity.


These substances, however, are not only bad for your health. It seems, in fact, to University of Cambridge are increasingly bothering those who did not use and those who maintain the hectic pace of student life relying only on their natural resilience. This good chunk of students of the English, who studies in a correct way, it considers the taking drugs in order to increase their performance in the study absolutely incorrect. For this reason, now calls for the introduction of a drug test within the university classrooms.

The unusual request for introduction of drug testing has puzzled and dismayed all teachers and employees working at the British university. Echoes of their amazement Professor Barbara Sahakian, “It’s one of the questions that the students themselves more often and I know that in some departments of Cambridge is considering the introduction of surveillance testing, but I do not think added at the end the woman has been discussed yet deep enough to reach a shared position on what to do. ”