The University of Canberra (UC) is one of the new generation of educational institutions in Australia. Founded 30 years ago in the capital and has developed a solid reputation for its training programs and applied research focused on the needs of each profession. The University achieves high levels of employment and starting salaries for graduates.

University of Canberra

It offers bachelor, masters, courses through class work or research doctorates in philosophy and professionals. The University offers flexibility for both formats in their studies and in the transfer of credits from other institutions. The student population of nearly 10,000 students consists of full and part time, graduates and postgraduates of mature age, international and distance education.

UC courses include architecture and design, business and finance, IT and engineering, environmental science, teaching, education and community counseling, advertising, marketing, public relations, journalism and media, health sciences and sport , law, hospitality and tourism management, and standards.The success of the university has recently inspired the opening of a second campus in Brisbane. Located in sunny South Bank, the UCBC (campus of the University of Canberra in Brisbane) offers degrees in international validity in accounting, business and information technology and flexible learning formats.

International Services:

The UC has good international connections, as shown by the figure of 1,260 students from over 80 countries currently studying on the campus of Canberra. The University offers courses for international students in Canberra and Brisbane, as well as Hong Kong, China, Singapore, India and Vietnam.

The University has an excellent program of support services for international students. Upon arrival, students are received at the airport, the bus or train station and then drive them to campus. A comprehensive guide offers assistance to students about the logistics of maintaining your immigration status, opening bank accounts, the organization of classes, finding accommodation and use of local bus system, and also helps familiarize with the Australian culture. Similarly, an international student advisor responds to concerns and questions from students about college life.

The University of Canberra provides support to students of all religions. In the center of campus is a Muslim prayer hall and the university bus takes students to the Canberra Mosque Friday prayer (Salat). In the field there is also a Christian prayer hall, and Anglican and Catholic priests visit the campus in Canberra each week. The international student advisor can provide information about other religious services to students.