The main teaching campus, known as the upper campus is situated on the slopes of Devil’s Peak. This campus has a relatively compact site faculties Science, Engineering, Commerce, and most of the power of humanity, as well as residences Smuts Hall and Fuller Hall. The upper campus focuses on Jameson Hall, the location for graduation ceremonies and other events as well as many examinations. The buildings and layout of the campus were designed by JM superior Solomon and built between 1928 and 1930. Since that time, many more buildings have been added while the university has grown.

University of Cape Town

Adjacent to the upper campus, but separated from it by the college sports fields and M3 freeway, is the middle and lower campus. These campuses, which are distributed through the suburbs Rondebosch, Rosebank and Mowbray, contains Law Faculty, University of Southern African music, most of the student residences, most of the administrative offices of the college, and many sporting facilities. The upper campus, middle and lower together are often referred to as the “main campus” or “Rondebosch campus.”
The Faculty of Health Sciences is located in Medical School campus in Groote Schuur Hospital. Fine Arts and Drama departments are located on the campus of Hiddingh in central Cape Town. UCT Graduate School of Business is located on the campus of breakwater in Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.


The organization of the university is defined in the statutes of the University of Cape Town (gazetted in 2002) in accordance with the act of Higher Education, 1997. By 2002 the organization was defined in other laws in essentially the same format.
The head of the university is the owner of the Chancellor, this is a ceremonial position with no executive power. The primary role of Chancellor is to confer degrees on behalf of the college and university represent the world. The current chancellor is more Graça Machel, elected for terms of 10 years in September 1999.
The chief executive of the university is Vice-Chancellor (or VC). The VC has overall responsibility for policy and administration of the university. The current VC is Professor Njabulo Ndebele, appointed by the council of the university in July 2000. It was confirmed on 12 October, that the maximum price dr replace the teacher when his term ends Ndebele in 2008.The center for the development of higher education, an academic unit with faculty, classified as faculty and is led by a dean, associate professor.Although UCT Graduate School of Business is considered to be part of the Faculty of Commerce, it operates independently and has it’s own dean and director, teacher. Franco M Horwitz