Choosing the right law school is ultimately one of the most essential decisions you will make on your journey to becoming a lawyer in the United States. It is paramount that you obtain hands-on, pragmatic experience that will supplement your high-quality classroom education. The University of Chicago Law School is known for its superior program and prestigious alumni.

The University of Chicago Law School is one of the nation’s most intellectual schools of law, featuring some of the most highly acclaimed faculty members. For years, it has been viewed as one of the most truly elite law schools. One of the hugest draws of this law school is that it is nestled south of Chicago, in Hyde Park, and thus is far enough away from the constant activity of the Windy City yet close enough to give students access to a prominent U.S. legal market.

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Another attractive aspect of the law school is that it fosters an environment where students are encouraged to treat ideas with the utmost level of seriousness and where they learn to argue and think on entirely new levels. Faculty are also encouraged to do the same. This makes the institution’s faculty even more effective in relating to students and in helping them to develop their skills, and it effectively prepares students for the best professional opportunities available following graduation. It is one reason why the school’s alumni are considered second to none; take for instance, alumnus Jonathan Bunge: “[Jonathan] Bunge is a former deputy chief of the U.S. attorney’s general crimes section in Chicago.”

The University of Chicago Law School prides itself on preparing students to become trailblazers in the law field. With the help of the University of Chicago Law School, you can be well on your way to claiming the law job of your dreams and positively impacting the world around you.