The University of Delaware was founded in 1743 as a small private academy and throughout the years has developed to become a major university. Being the oldest land-grant university, sea-grant, space-grant and urban-grant institution, provides a variety of resources and more than 100 undergraduate academic programs.The staff of the university has licensed, authors and teachers of international fame, which contribute to maintain the high reputation and tradition of Delaware.

University of Delaware

In college (which, despite being privately run, enjoying state aid) there are more than 16,000 undergraduates and about 3,000 graduate from different racial and social backgrounds and from various geographic areas.Currently 60% of undergraduate students on campus are non-residents.Since 1921 the university has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and has received professional recognition also in the following sectors:

-Agricultural Engineering / Engineering Technology
-Athletic Training
-Business Administration
-Clinical Psychology
-Family and Community Services
-Medical Technology
-Physical Therapy
-Public Administration and

The state of Delaware is in the middle of the Mid-Atlantic seaboard between Washington, DC and New York.The university’s main campus, located in the city of Newark, state in the northwest corner offers the authentic atmosphere of the campus of small towns, on a site that is close to other metropolitan areas to enjoy cultural and recreational events.

University of Delaware


Students International has not got the visa I-20 or DS-2019 must be contacted as soon as possible with the university. They must then submit the completed form to the nearest consulate, along with a letter of financial guarantee and the medical certificate required by the consulate.You must present a visa to enter the United States, and for scholarships must have a visa F-1 or J-1.


At the University of Delaware are encouraged international students to live in nursing, become familiar with Americans and be involved in campus activities.Residence contracts undergraduate international students are valid for one academic year, the graduate student a calendar year. Graduate students usually rent rooms or apartments off campus, usually the rooms are furnished but not usually have kitchens and are worth from $ 400 a month.

The apartments are not furnished and are worth about $ 500 a month (for a single room). Anyway you can eat at the cafeteria on campus, getting tickets to food in the University Dining Services, Student Services Building.The Students living in residence must purchase a meal plan.The accommodation places are limited and therefore it is advisable to apply in advance and a deposit.If there are no spaces in nursing, the college provides a list of rooms and apartments off campus.


At the University of Delaware, fees and residence costs for an international student are approximately $ 27.250 for a calendar year. Students wishing to attend courses also summer and winter have to figure $ 8.733 more per year.

Health Insurance

All international students are required to purchase health insurance through an insurance company of the university, unless they can show proof of comparable coverage from another company. The average value of insurance is approximately $ 923 per year. In addition, students have to pay a fee of $ 181 per semester for medical-health services on campus.

Before coming to campus must pay only the rate of admission and who has requested accommodation, the deposit for residence.The Office of Foreign Student & Scholar Services provides information to international students on financial matters, through agencies such as:

-Latin-American Scholarship Program of American Universities
-African-American Institute
-Institute of International Education
-Student Aid International
-American Mideast Educational and Training Services
-Germain-American Federation of Clubs
-German Academic Exchange Service
-Academic Educational Development
-U.S. Agency for International Development
-Rotary Club
-American Association of University Women
-International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)

Contact for students:

The Foreign Student and Scholar Services (FSSS) is responsible for providing information services and foreign students:

-Important Phone Numbers
-Finding an apartment
-Responsibilities of F-1 students and J-1
-Information cademir
-Campus Services
-General Medical Information
-Health Insurance
-Requirements for health insurance J-1 and J-2
-Community Services
-Social activities, extracurricular
-Variety of information

In addition, the FSSS offers several services to help international students become familiar with a new culture and a new community, through programs such as foreign friends program or program language exchange .

These are the organizations within the FSSS:

-Cosmopolitan Club
-Chinese Scholar and Student Association
-Indian Graduate Student Association
-Korean Graduate Student Association
-Korean Undergraduate Student Association
-Taiwanese Student Association
-Thailand Student Association
-Turkish Student Association
-Japanese Student Association
-Women’s Club International Hospitality Group
-Registered Student Organizations