This center is known for its high quality standards in terms of teaching and research which is a major attraction for students. Its foundation dates from 1922, thanks to the merger of three colleges that existed in the city of Delhi: St. Stephens College, Hindu College and Ramjan College. In the early seventies saw a reorganization based on the multi-campus concept.

University of Delhi

The South campus started in 1973 with graduate programs in the departments of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Subsequently, campuses were built east and west. The East Campus hosted the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the West concentrated the faculties of Engineering and Technology. At present the institution has grown exponentially, and there are 14 faculties, 86 departments and 79 colleges spread throughout the city with over 2,200,000 students. As a curiosity it is noteworthy that the first university institution teach basic Spanish in the Department of Germanic and Roman Studies at the Faculty of Arts.


Delhi University has about 1,150 students from 60 countries worldwide. Indian students are excellent hosts and are very friendly community of foreign students and facilitate their immersion in the daily life and Indian customs. International students seeking admission at the University of Delhi must send completed registration forms (which can be downloaded from the website ). Also should send academic information translated into English, as if they are in another language will not be accepted.

Applicants must have completed 12 years of schooling and pass the final examination for university entrance. The skills needed to access a given study vary from year to year depending on the amount of interest in this title and number of seats. Only 65% of students with excellent grades are secured and the square if they choose to study Art or Science the percentage drops to 60%. The deadline begins on March 31 and before April 30 is communicated to the candidates if they have been accepted. Those selected will receive at home a letter of acceptance that will help them apply for student visa to the Ministry of Interior shall issue.