The thing that made ​​me the most problems during the first year of university? Certainly freedom. The transition from high school to the University implies the independence achieved where there are no parents, timetables and rules. The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Freiburg is divided into three branches: business management, information technology management and economics. Unlike other universities.

Special features

The main attraction of linguistic and cultural diversity of the University Fribourg is undoubtedly the Franco-German bilingualism that characterizes the five faculties. Students, in fact, have the opportunity unique in Western Europe to follow the various courses in French and / or German, a course of study that, under certain conditions, it is recognized on the diplomas awarded by the administration with the words ” bilingual. “University of Freiburg, is also the Swiss academic center with the highest percentage of students members an advantage for those seeking the company of our own peers, a deterrent for those who want to immerse themselves in a different culture. I strengths of the University are represented by the faculties of theology and law, as well as studies of religions.


Worthy of mention also study curricula related to media and communication sciences and curative education, it is also a unique academic address in Switzerland, through a Master green specifically on clinical curative education and school. There are also interdisciplinary projects and faculties that offer courses with Europe as a point of interest: outstanding political and cultural rights, managed institute of ethics and human rights and European law that allows prospective lawyers to specialize in an academic environment internationally. should be noted that the university is part of the network of academic collaboration “BENEFRI” together with the Universities of Bern. The association, created in 1993, was established with the aim of ensuring the development of inter-university and interdisciplinary projects at the three academic centers. Students from the University of Freiburg, therefore, have the opportunity to follow courses in Bern without paying any additional fees.

Courses of study

In the list of curricula (available on this web page in the right bar) are presented Bachelor courses offered by the University of Freiburg, the name “full-time study” indicates an address where you can not choose academic secondary materials. In other fields, not all combinations are possible, especially in the Faculty of Science. The document offers Bachelor of Studies provides a practical diagram illustrating the current academic situation. The above document also defines the language used by teachers of various departments: several courses offer the opportunity to take lessons in both French and German, in order to have a Bachelor bilingual, while others can only be addressed in French or German only. It should be noted, finally, that the foreign literature (Italian and English, for example) are studied in the original language.