Come to the meeting at the University of Melbourne, Australian university better! the University of Melbourne, Australia’s best university welcomes students, parents, guidance counselors, for single information session.

Professors of Melbourne and the Australian Ambassador to Paris, will be available to discuss applications, programs, visas, campus life. In short, this is a golden opportunity to learn more about this elite university and for you to impress upon admission teams! Bachelor, Master or Doctorate. Whatever training you are interested, this event will allow you to gather a maximum of information. Study Experience counselors will also be present to answer all your questions.

Intercultural Master – or know how to communicate in a world without borders

During the evening you will have the opportunity to discover a wide range of programs – zoom today on a pioneering program launched last year. The article below is a fascinating observation of cultural nuances of the English language. The University of Melbourne provides a new Master called “English in a Global Context – misunderstandings related to culture and language are commonplace in a world that knows less borders, even if everyone speaks same language! An exchange between an Australian English and Taiwanese should, a priori, no problem? Well think again – the differences are striking and many companies are looking for specialists able to optimize communication within their own structures and also with their partners.


Student Testimonial

All teachers provide ongoing individualized feedback through various assessments, interviews, advice. This program has allowed me to make great strides in terms of my mastery of the English language. It has also allowed me to dramatize the world of academic research, as we are constantly required to work with researchers to develop our methodological skills. I leave this program with an excellent level of written and spoken English, but also have acquired a greater understanding of the importance of language in the context of political and cultural issues. Today, I am confident enough to launch myself into my future career as a translator!

English courses at the University of Melbourne

For those who would like to discover the Australian university life without engaging in the long term. For those who need a helping language thumb before starting a course at the university. Note that the University of Melbourne also has an excellent language center! Hawthorne welcomes students of all levels and prepares them for college: IELTS preparation, English in the academic context, Legal & Business English. Feel not get closer to a counselor to learn more about this language school to international fame.