The courses scam is a reality certainly not pleasant, and even so rare. So much so that, in order to warn the students of your university, recently spoke on the issue, the rector of the University of Milan, to confirm that the offer of any educational activity, integrative and non-institutional channels for passing only.

But how did the rector of the State has been forced to make such a clarification? Simple: the desirability of courses, workshops and similar activities is tied hand in glove with the authority of one who holds them, for this subject of dubious reliability pretend to be members of the staff of any university in order to give more prominence to its proposal.

For the University of Milan is certainly not the first time, and probably is not the only Italian college in the previous report in this regard. Apparently, some people not yet known and unidentified periodically advertise and offer courses, training events, seminars and workshops posing as assistants at university. But they are not related to the university, nor do they have any authority by the university and sometimes courses that provide students not take place either, although members are free. In short, a humbug.


To warn the students from those who seek to promote these courses scam (or courses ghost), the rector of the State, wrote an e-mail sent to all members at their university of Milan, when we remember them that “the University offers its students courses, tutorials, workshops and other educational activities integrative only through institutional channels, or on a proposal from the individual faculty or department of Belonging. ”

Prohibited trust of courses and seminars advertised on other websites, on various message boards or via e-mail and phantom proposed by researchers or assistant professors of the State. All educational initiatives and integrative, reads the communication branched by the rector, “are always advertised on the institutional site of the university or the corporate websites of different departments. Therefore asked to be wary of proposed activities with different channels than those reported and in case of doubt always ask for confirmation of the activity directly to the teachers. ”