Founded in 1869, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the only Comprehensive University in Nebraska (teaching system that embraces students of all skill levels). The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the eighteenth member of the Association of American Universities (formed in 1909), and has a long tradition of academic excellence and equal opportunity for all.The University has three primary missions in their struggle to be the best university in the U.S.:


University of Nebraska

Now the university is the intellectual center with state and every opportunity for the city of Lincoln at his side can offer you the opportunity to mix studying with everything.If you’re a sports fan, whether you’re a kid like you’re a girl, at this university will enjoy playing sports every corner of the world. Included in the sports page there are links to each club, with your information and upcoming training dates or party.The University of Nebraska has an organization of students, Lincoln Friends of Foreign Students. The organization that put students in touch with family or other students who want help in the integration into American life.


To be admitted to this university, international students must meet a number of key features:

A signed, completed application. Write your name exactly as it is in your passport. To see the list of courses and their codes click here.
A check for $ 45, non-refundable. With your full name and please it is imperative that you send a check payable to the University of Nebraska.High academic qualifications, with relevant certificates and documents that prove so.Each student must have made the SATs (U.S. exams). Must submit their certificates and documents. The code for the University of Nebraska 6877.Students whose native language is not English must submit your test results in the TOEFL . With the certificates is advisable to write to the admissions office as soon as possible.


“Learn here, live here, love here.” That’s the motto of the office accommodation and the rest of the University of Nebraska. The Nebraska campus is residential, the majority of people staying in one of the residences, communities, fraternities or sororities.The University of Nebraska has more than 14 residences within the campus. All residences include:

-Restaurants praised for their quality
-Internet connection (T3) in each room
-24 hour access to the computer room
-Free phone with voice mail
-Activities organized by the university

You also have the option of staying in apartments on campus. These are usually two or four types. The floors are offered:

-Furnished living room
-Fitted kitchen with appliances
-Free access to cable (TV)
Free Internet access (ADSL)
-Free phone with voice mail


Living in Nebraska can be cheaper than in other U.S. cities For international students there are scholarships to help with tuition and education expenses involved there.


New Nebraskan International Scholarships:

Students who have applied to study in Nebraska before the first day of April shall be eligible for this type of scholarship. Each scholarship is $ 1000 and can be continued each year until graduation.

International Regents Scholarship:

New international students with good grades, who had admitted before May 1. This scholarship can only be requested during the first year of studies and ranges from $ 2000 to $ 3000 (€ 1600 to € 2407). Receive notification of the winners after May 15.

Contact for foreign students:

If the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the place for you, you can request more information from the admissions office. Patrick O’Neill is at your disposal for any problems or questions you have. Also within the page are the details of the international relations office and mail for English classes.