University of Nevada, Reno (Nevada) is a university located in Reno, Nevada, USA, and known for its programs in agricultural research, journalism, animal biotechnology, mining-related and science of engineering and natural. The university is known for its fast the school of journalism, which has produced several Pulitzer Prize winners, and for its program in seismology , which is one of the most technologically advanced in North America. It is the institution of the land grant for the state of Nevada.The university is also home to the University of Nevada School of Medicine, which was founded in 1969. The medical school specializing in family medicine.

University of Nevada


The University of Nevada was originally founded in Elko, Nevada in 1874 as a small school, docket preparation. In 1885, moved to the state legislature voted to close the Elko institution and the institution of a rookie from Elko to its current home in Reno, where classes began two years later.After several decades of struggle to performance requirements of federal Morrill land-grant legislation, the university made ​​great strides to become a modern institution he is today with the opening of the Desert Research Institute in 1960 and a medical school in 1967. The University of Nevada, Reno remained the only academic institution in four years in the state of Nevada until 1965, when the present-day University of Nevada, Las Vegas been made ​​of the university as Nevada Southern University.

Now there is controversy over whether the university should be called UNR or Nevada. It comes from the feeling of the Board of Regents that the university is not the only university in the state of Nevada, and therefore must be always identified by his full name, the University of Nevada, Reno. However, some claim that since it was the first university in the state, its historical name to be its official designation, as it is in many other public university systems in the multi-campus such as University of Michigan. Several of the institutions of the university retain the wording “University of Nevada,” including the Alumni Association, student government, campus bookstore, and the athletics department (referring to the school teams simply as ” Nevada “).


The campus is located just north of downtown Reno overlooking the Truckee Meadows and the downtown casinos. Modeled in the style of Thomas Jefferson Academical Village at University of Virginia , many consider the campus as one of the most beautiful of the western United States.

The first university building, Morrill Hall (completed in 1887), still stands in the “historic quadrangle” at the southern end of campus. Lincoln Hall (all-male dormitory) and Manzanita Hall (dorm all-female) were both completed in 1896, making them the oldest halls of residence to the west of the Mississippi River. Even thought the Hall of Lincoln residence is over 100 years, he is known to be the most luxurious dorm on campus.

Throughout the campus there is University of Nevada, Reno Arboretum, which was established in 1985, contains a collection of trees, shrubs, flowers, ornamentals and native flora, including over 60 genera and about 200 species of trees, many with several cultivars present. Thirty-six mature elm trees line the quadrangle.The campus contains a statue of John William Mackay (namesake of Nevada Mackay School of Mines, later renamed the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering ), created by Mount Rushmore designer Gutzon Borglum.