Like all other U.S. colleges and universities, the University of Pittsburgh reserves a minimum of places for students from anywhere in the world and who are not U.S. citizens. However, unlike others, the requirements for these students are not as stringent and restrictive.If you are interested / a at this university just send a photocopy of your qualifications in secondary education, the application form for international students , the certificate of finance , the score of TOEFL and proof of bank payment of $ 50. And if it is a file transfer, that is, you’ve started your studies at a university in another country, a photocopy of subjects and grades obtained, translated everything into English.

University of Pittsburgh

In addition, students interested in pursuing a postgraduate course, they must first fill out the application form on your website, together with the certificate of finance, the TOEFL test score and the student’s transcript.Once the graduate studies office at the address found below, has received all these documents will be forwarded to the department in charge of the program in which the student is interested / a, provided it meets the requirements required by each faculty. It is therefore desirable to clearly specify which course you wish to enroll and what is the department responsible for managing.


The housing department of the university oversees each and every one of the residences he owns throughout the campus. Thus, the department provides facilities attractive, safe and comfortable for all students.The residences create the proper environment for students to develop their full intellectual and social abilities. Each building is equipped with qualified staff to guide the students in professional and personal issues.

Within this dynamic development of the student, all international students are considered to be a member of the community, and accepted in any of the residence halls . In this way, students can choose from any of the following:

-Bowen Hall
-Dellinger Hall
-Nation Hall
-Trout Hall
-Tanner Complex
-Willard Hall

In case you are interested in any of these homes, or if you see any questions, you should contact the housing office, from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 14:30 pm.


The University of Pittsburgh does not offer financial aid or scholarships of any kind to students from other nationalities. Thus, studying at the university requires that students have sufficient financial resources to cover all possible expenses, many derivatives of tuition and academic material, such as accommodation and meals.

To give you an idea of what that study there is, on its website to find several links to budget for the current academic year, and you can even see how those costs have evolved because it offers also the previous years.However, visit the website of the financial aid office if you can find links to other financial programs and grants that maybe you can benefit.