Location & Information:

We are located in Sydney, the city’s most dynamic and exciting, also having the greatest diversity in Australia. Our sandstone buildings, which are part of our heritage, stand next to modern buildings and sophisticated on our main campus, surrounded by large green areas. We also enjoy a convenient location near the business district of Sydney and its magnificent beaches world-famous.

University of Sydney

We offer the full range of degrees the most comprehensive, choices of majors and individual proposed at any university in Australia, taught in 16 schools spread over eight campuses. Areas of study include agriculture, food and natural resources, architecture, design and planning, arts, social sciences, dentistry, economics, trade, education, social work, engineering, information technology, health sciences, law, medicine, music, nursing, the profession of midwifery, pharmacy, science, veterinary science and the visual arts.

Our faculty consists of local and international academics, recruited for their expertise in teaching. They bring to our classrooms knowledge from years of research in their respective fields, offering students a challenging academic environment. We have a staff/students exceptional, with smaller classes and more personal, allowing our teachers to meet the individual needs of students. The sports and recreational extra-curricular, as well as clubs and societies available to our students is unmatched. Our student support services were rated as the best of Australian universities.

Since its inception, the University of Sydney has built an enviable reputation for its quality, credibility, integrity, and its students, staff, alumni, businesses and the government give him considerable recognition. We work to maximize the potential of everyone in the world community we serve, seeking to develop inquiring minds that capture any challenge and change.

We support the search for knowledge, discovering new opportunities and design solutions. Over the past 160 years, we have maintained a long and proud tradition of excellence in education and we are committed in our efforts to provide a productive environment where the brightest minds can flourish.