The University of Trieste was born in 1877 with the High School of Commerce in 1924 and assumed the status of a University of Economy and Trade, to then grow over time with new faculty. The educational offer of the University of Trieste is very large and predominantly scientific and social, but there are also the humanities. The proposals for the post-graduate training are diverse and allow you to choose between several masters, PhD programs, courses and graduate schools .

The faculties and other facilities of the University are located between Trieste, Gorizia, Pordenone and Portogruaro. All of the University of Trieste are easily accessible by public transport or by service Unimob activated for students. The University of Trieste provides numerous services . In addition to scholarships and awards undergraduate, in fact, there is an office that provides assistance for housing, one for employment and for internships and apprenticeships, online services that allow students to check their career and a platform Moodle e-learning , to allow those who can not attend to take courses at a distance.


In addition, the University of Trieste offers benefits and contributions under an agreement with the Regional Agency for the Right to Education (ERDISU) and participates in the project “Trieste University”, which aims to build and promote cultural and recreational activities and to assist in finding of housing. This project provides for the issuance of a “Student Identity Card”, by which they can be identified and use the services offered. The validity of the card is subject to registration with the course of study and age, not to exceed 26 years.

No shortage of facilities for students with disabilities , which include, among others, a search service accommodations, concessions on taxes, individual assistance, assistive technology, text in alternative format and a transport service. Finally, the University of Trieste has a University Library System which allows access to online catalogs, databases, electronic journals and search portals. Students can also rely on other libraries of Trieste , in particular the Public Library and the Public Library, and well-stocked with free access.