The University of Stanford comes a app to help you search. It’s called Twitch and allows you to participate in projects of crowdsourcing through their smartphones. The mechanism is simple and only takes a few seconds: just answer, every time you turn on your phone, in a very short questions. One way to mobilize thousands of people, easing the work of researchers.

The crowdsourcing is a form of participation ‘from below’ in scientific projects, cultural or social and relies on voluntary contributions. The draft crowdsourcing most famous is probably Wikipedia, the encyclopedia online content created by users themselves included. The same system can be very useful for scientific research, which is conducted by volunteers, but to which they give an important aid pledging to carry out certain tasks, less ‘delicate’ but still critical.


Before the birth of Twitch, to participate in projects of crowdsourcing users were forced to devote a lot of time, spending hours at the computer, downloading software, performing and recording log . Which often inevitably led to boredom and neglect. The new app developed by the University of Stanford, however, greatly simplifies the participation of volunteers. To collaborate in scientific research just a few seconds at a time and one smartphone Android.

The operation of Twitch is simple. The app replaces the lock screen of the phone and features a question every time you want to use. questions to which you respond fast, swear the developers at Stanford University. According to their estimates, the more complex the platform makes you lose 1.4 seconds to access your smartphone. Nothing out of the ordinary compared to the second it takes on average by one swipe.

The tasks range from the confirmation of information in Wikipedia with the choice between photographs to decide the best, to give traffic information and the like. In just three weeks old Twitch has already provided more than 11 thousand answers to the questions posed, because lets help make the research compelling as a video game.

Anyone can ask a question via Twitch for their research project and already there are rumors that many companies are more than interested to app to enhance your marketing. But the team that has developed has pretty clear ideas: no commercial version of the program and limited use in projects with social or scientific purposes. At least for the moment.