The foreign snub Italy and its universities. The Council of Ministers now looking to run for cover from a review of the visa policy, to make it less daunting one of the first large rocks that those who come from abroad is faced with when they decide to come to our country. The lack of attractiveness of Italy has been detected several times and has also been confirmed since the last ranking of the top 400 international universities by the Times Higher Education recently published, in which the first of our excellence has positioned itself only to 221esimo place.

To attract more foreign – not only students, but also teachers, researchers and young entrepreneurs – in Italian universities is necessary, first, to lighten the bureaucratic plot that has so far not at all other than ‘chaining’ Italy, making it less attractive in the eyes of those coming from abroad. In this regard, yesterday in Rome, was presented at the Conference of Ambassadors the dl Destination Italy approved December 13 last year, a package of fifty rules to facilitate the integration of new energies and qualified personnel. A new law that will facilitate anyone who wants to come to our country to do research university or open an innovative company.


With this new initiative, foreigners who choose Italy as their destination will be able to count on a task force , which is a kind of preferential lane to get permission to stay long . The new visa policy aims to attract more financial capital and more brains, counteracting the tendency to flee from our country that has characterized the last years.

From the point of view of the university is a radical change. If until now there had been a bureaucratic constraint that only a pre-determined percentage of foreign students could set foot in our territory – even if it never came to a number of requests to the roof next set – now it was decided to turn the page and focus more on brains not native to give new oxygen to the university system and, over time, even the country’s economy.

On the other hand, already other countries – such as Chile, Canada, the United States and Israel – have implemented a similar visa policy, which aims to facilitate and attract more foreign talent . All this, with significant returns in terms of wealth , start up and also social dynamism . And, if in the past, Italy has lost many opportunities because of its maddening bureaucracy, the goal for the future is to become an increasingly attractive destination for foreign brains, using one of the positive aspects of globalization.