When it’s time to think about your next step after high school, one of the big decisions to make is how particular you want your degree subject to be. It could lead you to a certain career, with a limited choice of paths to take on completion, or it could leave your options open-ended. For example, if you decide to take a degree in English, you could have a choice of a wide variety of jobs after graduation. But if you pick a vocational degree course, you’ll be putting yourself on track for a particular industry. If you do go with a vocational course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t change your career later on. But you will focus on training for one particular role, such as that of a mechanic or nurse. If you think you would rather settle on a profession now, instead of leaving your decision until later, have a look at some of these vocational degrees.

Car Mechanic

Many high schools offer students the chance to try their hand at auto mechanics. If you’ve acquired a taste for working with vehicles, or you think it might be for you, you could consider becoming a mechanic. You could get a bachelor’s degree in automobile maintenance technology, which would normally take four years. However, you can also choose to do an associate’s degree or certification at many technical schools or colleges. You may also be able to find a job as a mechanic with only your high school training. However, if you want to gain a more in-depth knowledge before starting work, a longer course is better.


For many people, a mortician or funeral director is the last job that they would want to do. But this profession is always needed, and the industry is fairly recession-proof. In order to do this job, you need to get a qualification in mortuary science. There are currently 60 accredited courses on this subject in the United States; this page shows the best mortician schools to help you choose. Although it might seem like a strange career, many people like knowing that they’re helping people in difficult times. If you’re not squeamish, enjoy science and are a compassionate person, you could consider this as a worthwhile career.

Vocational Courses

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Woodwork is another subject you might have had experience with at high school. The most common way to enter this career is complete an apprenticeship after you get your diploma. However, you can also do a 2-year degree course. This is an excellent profession for people who love to work with their hands.

Physical Therapist Technician

Lots of jobs in the medical field can be gained with an associate’s degree. People often think that a vocational qualification won’t get you a high-paying job. But qualifying as a physical therapy technician can get you an average salary of over $50,000pa, with plenty of jobs available. Other vocational medical professions include cardiovascular technicians and occupational therapy assistants.