Who dreams of a future as Scrooge Scrooge would do well to carefully consider the choice of the university to which to subscribe. A recent ranking compiled by research firm Wealth Insight in collaboration with the magazine Spear’s has revealed that millionaires come very often from the same university. The list brings together 500 universities that have produced the greatest number and gives top priority to the American Harvard study abroad.

The ranking of universities “produce” millionaires sees in second place The Harvard Business School, while on the top step of the podium is square another U.S. institution, Stanford University. Despite the setbacks that often receive from ranking, for once, an international ranking of universities is benevolent with Italy: our country is in the standings with the Bocconi University and La Sapienza University of Rome.


To dominate the ranking of universities “produce” more millionaires are the Anglo-Saxon universities, occupying the entire top ten, in which in addition to the names already mentioned – are University of California, Columbia, Oxford, MIT in Boston, New York University, Cambridge and the University of Pennsylvania. Italy, however, looks good and Bocconi University, with his 24th place, is even better at the London School of Economics and Imperial College. Wisdom wins, however, the 90th position, a respectable result for a public university. Thanks to these placements, our country stands in seventh place nationally behind the U.S., UK, Canada, France, India and Germany, ahead of China, Russia and Sweden.

The survey from which it was inferred that the ranking of universities “produce” more millionaires examined the curriculum of 70 thousand super-rich than 200 countries. If the Anglo-American hegemony is not anything new, it was a surprise to note that forgiveness share degrees of economic-financial area: the new Scrooge are mostly engineering graduates. Who wants to “make money”, in fact, must take into account that the labor market is evolving and technical training, especially if accompanied by a strong ability to innovate, it is increasingly appreciated – and paid for by the companies. But not only more and more engineering graduates become entrepreneurs on their own in the technology sector, one of those that currently provides the best gains .