Managing the university system of member countries in a unified way, and push the universities to work together: these are the objectives of ether, European Tertiary Education Register, the newborn web log with the data of all the universities of Europe that the EU has just launched.

The register online universities EU contains data on the size of the universities, the number of students on the degrees, courses and materials, the faculty and staff, programs, research and inter nationality of 2,673 universities in 36 states : those of Europe and even some from outside Europe Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey – comparable to each other.


Eter, which stands for European Tertiary Education Register , is intended as a permanent database and will be updated regularly, not only to help students in choosing the college route, but also to be a useful tool to the same university to discuss and collaborate and European politicians to management of EU universities.

So he presented the online register, EU Commissioner for Education : “We need better information to improve the quality of our educational systems, and Eter increase transparency and help you develop a wider range of information and analysis, to improve links between education and research , and support the diversity of higher education in Europe .

Ether was created by a team of four universities: the University of Rome, the University of Italian Switzerland in Luciano, the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education in Oslo and the Joanne um Research in Graz funds? 500 thousand Euros of funding from the program Life learning EU, which in the 2014-2020 programming is absorbed by Erasmus More.

According to the first results of data collection for the web log, the Italy is the fourth country in Europe by number of universities, with 176 universities. Only Germany, Poland and France have more (respectively 374, 286 and 283).