You’re finally ready to start a language course for a few weeks or a few months? If you still have some doubts about what type of stay could bring you, you came to the right place! The language courses are a great way to discover the world and learn new language, but what can you really expect from this experience? What behavior should I follow to get the best of my stay? To clarify things, we decided to offer you the 10 commandments in the future young language course!

The 10 Commandments of young language travel:

In two weeks you will not be bilingual: If the language courses will allow you to practice the language on a regular basis, either during or outside of class, progress is important but require several months to be really amazing.
So you will not be fluent in two weeks and the time and effort will be required to master the language of your host country. Over periods of 6 to 9 months, the student usually comes with the ability to communicate fluently in the language and deal with all situations. However, your progress will depend entirely on your use of language and the work that you provide!

Language courses you will take seriously:

Language courses are more or less regular in the formula you choose, see lacking in certain types of stays. However, in most forms it takes a minimum of 15 hours per week. This may seem low, but it is necessary to take seriously the training to achieve maximum results.


Go to the other will require:

Upon arrival in a group or school, do not hesitate to tell others. You’re unlikely in most cases to know someone before you leave. You have everything to gain you make as much knowledge on the spot, to travel and discover all together in a student environment. Moreover, the young people you encounter are often geared towards the international regulars stays abroad and can bring you a lot during your stay and beyond.

Many friends you meet:

If all the people you meet do not necessarily remain knowledge for life, you’re likely to link up with a group of friends with which you will live incredible experiences. For many, these spent together even for a few weeks time months worth of friendship and camaraderie. You will build strong relationships with young people you see again thereafter may be in another language course!

You must make the most:

Going abroad to discover, experience, and experience a new life, new activities, new friends and even more. He is advisor to make the most of practice maximum activities with or without the help of the organization, and 100% live your experience.

Your home town you will discover:

If you go in a language course in a language school, you will be brought to life in a new city. Do not hesitate to go out, visit, discover your city throughout the period where you are now! Find out about the activities offered by the school or organization, and do not hesitate to organize other activities with your friends.

Your host family you will respect:

Much going on youth language course is hosted in a host family. If this is the case, it is necessary that you follow different schedules and request for your family. Do not make noise after 10 pm and follow the meal times.
If your host family does not suit you, talk to the agency in charge that you will find another host family.

To behave badly you will never make it:

Apart from your home or foster care, it is necessary to avoid any conduct that violates the law of the host country. The French youth have a growing reputation for failure to comply with certain rules, particularly shoplifting. This kind of behavior is not acceptable in France and is in fact in any other country. Most organizations do not hesitate to send you back to France at your expense in such cases. It would be a shame to shorten your stay for any reason as futile.

In case of problems, the agency will help you:

If you face problems concerning the organization of your stay, do not hesitate to talk to the organization and your partners. They are there to help and will not hesitate to make every effort to resolve the situation. You can also send a mail to your contact in the body to deal with administrative level.

You will want to repeat the experience:

Organizations appear to most satisfaction rate exceeding 90%. And that success is confirmed in practice: many young people leave each year to study abroad, and increase the experiences and destinations. So you’re likely to enjoy your stay and want to start!