Australia is a destination particularly remote from France geographically and culturally, and it is important to learn up on your rights before you go to the other side of the world. Indeed, join an Australian company in the context of an internship is a great experience, but it will be even better if you know your rights and duties as an intern. So we present to you a summary of the working conditions for trainees in Australia , the rights of students and the minimum wage for your work.

Compensation for trainees in Australia:

The “Internships” in Australia are quite different from those expected by French firms of a student. In Australia, an internship is a period of time during which a student moves into the business in order to help in a timely manner employees while learning with them. It has mainly an observer function. From the moment it has specific times and specific objectives to be achieved during the period of its presence, it is then more talk of course, but as an employee who deserves to be paid.


In general, the more training, the greater your chances that it is regarded as a real function of the company. A student has three months or more in a company hardly keep up a single observer, and eventually get real functions once mastered some tasks. If you consider that the company achieves real benefits through you, where as you do not, then you are not part of an unpaid internship.

When we can consider that the student has a real function within the company, it must be paid at the minimum wage in Australia. By definition, French courses for students with a bachelor’s Technician License or Master are often positions within the company that require contracts and benefits. They must always be paid according to law, unless you have less than 21 years. If you are already internship in a company in Australia, and you think that your contract does not meet the conditions of remuneration, you can contact the Fair Work Australia , which depends on the government and that will help you in your position.

The work week for an internship in Australia:

Australia has developed national standards for the rights of employees, some characteristics are valid throughout the territory of Australia, whatever your area. A trainee “paid” in Australia will be subject to the same conditions as other employees , with a standard 38-hour week. It is possible to perform paid overtime whenever reasonable. In most cases, the student must carry out their duties between 7am and 7pm. All work performed outside of these hours are subject to greater financial compensation. In fact, as an intern, you will be less flexible and sometimes looking on certain aspects of your training!