Germany is one of the first countries in the world to have promoted foremost aspect professionalizing training through internships and alternation. It is therefore natural that the country has developed regulations for students Interns! But what does an internship in Germany? For our German neighbors, an internship lasts two months to one year, and allows students to develop their skills in a particular area. An internship can be paid or unpaid, and its characteristics depend on the needs of your business, your employer and yourself.

Compensation for an internship in Germany

It is not unknown to most that Germany was never established as minimum wage for employees in France. It is the same for courses where no official minimum compensation is proposed. In fact, many companies offer a wage sufficient to cover all or part of the cost of living there. This salary varies mainly depending on the region or city that you want to join, and knows no fixed regulated. However, studies in Munich or Dusseldorf should be paid more than placement in a small town. See for yourself so that you are willing to accept, and what you can negotiate!


The management fee for the maintenance of placement:

German feature especially valuable, reimbursement of your costs due to apply for an internship offer trips. Able slightly vary from one company to another, the majority of them, however, reimburse the costs of transport and your hotel maintenance generated. This refund is made ​​within the limits set by the company, and is part of the German culture. Other countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands have more or less imported it beneficial and non-discriminatory system for candidates.

The work week for an intern in Germany:

The typical full-time employee working in Germany on average 42 hours per week , against an average of 41.1 hours in France. If students in France are often subjected to 35 hours, except for Bachelor and Master courses in responsibilities, this is not the case in Germany. In general, a German employer does not require you to work 35 to 40 hours per week , Monday to Friday, with a maximum of 8 hours per day. Some companies might still be particular about overtime, but it can also mean a very important training and addictive!