The community manager (community managers) have become fashionable in the profession, but what you have to study to become one?

The community manager mediate between users, customers and supporters and the company has a website through social networks, transforming the web for reconciling the interests of its leaders and members of the community, and put in place tactics to promote the site. Its mission is to make the web is attractive, and generate interesting content for the disclosure as possible via Facebook and Twitter. At a time when job offers are scarce, and unemployment reached exorbitant figures, a growing interest in this profession, because now only increases demand. So it is not surprising that many professionals are considering reconverted community manager, to take advantage of the current flip.


Mom, I want to be community manager , where I go to school?

But what you have to study to become a community manager , and possibly a good one? That is not as clear as it seems. The community manager becomes the image of the company for customers, and is responsible for the care and not damage to the brand, not as simple as it seems. Although some have only one course of a few hours, those with a master’s degree and years of experience are eligible to earn a much higher salary. For starters, it comes to be fairly clear that the profession requires advanced knowledge of the Internet, and specifically social networking. Obviously it seems interesting to study marketing, public relations and communications. Until there is what could be an exciting new career, “Expert in communication through social networks” are recycled for this profession students careers as advertising, communication, journalism and management careers, business type.

Masters to be community manager

There are various deals related master this profession, as the Master in Communication Manager 2.0 and Community High School of Image and Sound (CES) , in Madrid. Subjects are taught as “Online reputation” and “Prevention and management of crisis situations,” which can be very useful to develop the activity. Camilo Jose Cela University offers the course Expert Community Manager (analysis, management and social development strategies), 750 hours, with face classes in Madrid.

In Barcelona, ​​the school of business and technology the Salle offers Brand Community Management course aimed at graduates, 300 hours. There is also the possibility of studying online, so distance is not a problem. Online Business School (OBS) provides the Graduate Online Community Manager. lasts six months and costs 3,700 euros. The University of Barcelona offers a postgraduate course in Community & Social Media Manager, also online. Directs the course Marc Vidal, Digital Economy expert and author of a blog budget. Should be very careful when selecting because in the fashion of the profession, there are many schools that charge a huge amount of money, about 15,000 euros, for a Masters in Community Manager weekend.

Innate qualities to be a community manager

It is also good to ask if you have natural talent for this profession. Each person is specially equipped for some professional fields, but not for others. It is to know themselves and explode in what areas we can work better, because otherwise, we fail in our work and at the same time we are wasting our talent to other sector. The community manager usually large public relations professionals, with an enormous capacity for communication, but not only in person but also convey sympathy best through Internet, both in communicating the good news, to negotiate or expose positions of the company that may be misunderstood by the community. In summary, there are people who were born for this and people might not splurge online charm and should find another occupation.