The language courses are spreading more and more among young pupils and students , enabling them to learn a language and country on a more or less long time. In this guide, it is the language short stays we’ll be interested in! It is commonly called a short stay a language travel between 1 week and 2 months. These trips can take very different forms depending on your needs, from simple language courses for road trips to cross an entire continent! We will introduce you to the different options available to you.

Language stays with language courses and travel:

The most common for young people leaving during holiday periods. Formula These trips usually offer language courses during the day or part of the trip, as well as numerous tours throughout your home town to see the whole country.It’s a nice formula to practice a foreign language while discovering your new environment with a group of motivated students.

Stays such as “Road Trip”

Increasingly popular with students traveling dedicated to exploration are an incredible opportunity to live an unforgettable experience. Crossing the United States from New York to Los Angeles, browsing and Higlands Scotland, discover the most beautiful monuments China, the possibilities are endless! Over a period of between 15 days and 2 months depending on the duration of the journey, these trips can cross the continent with a real tight-knit group of young people. Accommodation is mostly camping and hostels, which will help to meet many new situations and food!


Language stays language school:

Language stays in school language differ from the travel / formula language courses since you will be depending on a particular school for any length of stay. A flexible use of time you would normally be given during the week to follow course of your choice, depending on your language level and your interests. The school often organizes many events in the evenings and week-ends, to travel and discover the city. This is definitely the most structured form for study abroad and the best solution for those wishing to learn the language first.

Language stays with activities:

For students with a passion and want to practice during your stay, it is possible to join a short stay to take language courses while practicing a regular activity. Riding, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby, Video Games, Paint. The list is long and depends on agencies, but you have every chance to find the activity that interests you!