Travel abroad is expensive and is not accessible to all, it is a fact, but when it is the language travel? How are the prices and deals practiced by different organizations? It is naturally more expensive from outside Europe that remain in the EU? Let us see this in detail.

Study abroad, primarily fixed cost over time:

This may seem logical, but the cost depends primarily on the period you stay in the host country. example, three weeks on site are more expensive than 2 weeks, so far nothing abnormal. Only across countries, there are costs “annexes” which are added only once, such as transportation to the host country or course books. So that often, when we must choose between a 4-week and 2 weeks, the first is only 50% more expensive then its price should logically double. Think about it-so when you choose a program, you do not it is better to take a program course a little more expensive but also much longer? programs 2 weeks or less mints true are short, and you will not see go.


Study abroad, distance, not always an argument for a higher price:

Can mistakenly think that “more is far more expensive it becomes.” However, there are other factors coming within the development of different travel offers. Thus, once the ticket paid a visit to Costa Rica to learn Spanish will cost much less than the body stay in Spain in terms of housing and food, the prices are much lower on site. On short time, the price difference does not necessarily feel, but trips over a month, you might come out ahead in the end, plus a frame a little more exotic than a European country.

Housing options, a good way to reduce the invoice:

In case you take language courses on-site for a month or more often, you have a choice of accommodation with the organization. organizations offer most of the time or more chambers in the life of a local family, and any options for housing a little more “intimate” may cost you dear. It is not uncommon to see some quotes from student rooms “simple”, 12m ² with shared bathroom charged around 850 euros a month.

If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to ask to find accommodation by yourself. Not only does the bill is likely to be much lower, but you’re likely to find much better with Shared other students locally. The advantage is twofold, you’re not necessarily with the French, and therefore speak the local language, and more bills will be lower, and you better for the same price!