Once admitted to your university abroad, it is likely that you celebrate as it should be fairly prominent event in your student life. But there are still many things to do! University will ask you to fill your final documents complementing your file while on your side, you will have to start preparing your departure.

Administrative procedures once admitted:

Read all documents that the university sends you. You will receive an envelope from the university once confirmed your place. This envelope will contain all relevant information on housing, tuition, campus, student life and more! There will also be some decisions, particularly in terms of student housing, so pay attention to deadlines!

Make a decision for the scholarships. In case you have the chance to receive one or more scholarships, student loans or external funding, review all aid and see if your situation has not changed since your application, and if some things can not be changed. Once your decision height, make sure to respond within the allotted time.

Pay a deposit on your tuition fees. Universities as countries may require a deposit or not to accept your place in the training that you have been accepted. Meet deadlines, at the risk of losing your place in the opposite case. Send your transcripts / language test. You will be asked to send your transcripts and your language test if they were not already included in your registration.

Choose your accommodation. As an international student, you have privileged places in student housing on campus. But despite this, demand often exceeds supply and first come first served basis. Therefore undertake steps upon receipt of the mail if you wish to obtain university housing. Otherwise, begin to learn to private housing, and try to contact several agencies on site.

Other important steps to complete before starting:

Make a folder with all the important documents. Do not lose any important paper, do so one or more files that you update to nothing lost. Contact your roommates. This step is not mandatory may allow you to an overview of the people who live with you for a semester, a year, or more. However, a lot of student residences, you’ll find yourself with more than 5 different roommates, which makes it quite long and complicated.

Buy a computer. All foreign university students need a computer, preferably portable. He used to use the internet to keep in touch with France, but also access to the university website, in online, send emails to professors. If universities often have hundreds of jobs available in the enclosure, better is to have a home, even at low cost. Inquire about the period of integration of international students. foreign students often have a integration week before school started, based on many evenings, visits campus, city, common activities. It is here that you will meet your future friends during the year, and not to participate is more than recommended, if only to pass one of the best weeks of your life.