What to do after graduation is the big question many graduates in our country. Unfortunately, the few job opportunities mean that the graduate feels in a swamp, he does not know what to do after spending years of sacrifice on the books of the university. The opportunities vary greatly depending on the option that is popular. A degree in physical education will have different perspectives than a degree in law or physics. Everyone should try to find their own way of course. Do not be afraid to leave the house, leave behind their places of origin does not mean it’s bad. Indeed change the country or city can become an opportunity for personal growth to grasp. Certainly it is important to seek advice from people who have been through this kind of experience. Go to the consulates or embassies of the countries in which we want to bear may be the right move to begin to find reliable information and thus get an idea of their future abroad. This guide aims to give us some useful advice on this important issue as it is complex.


Search for your street outside national borders is certainly a great temptation for many graduates Italian. Beware though, this choice may be considered by people who already have a good knowledge of English or the local language of the country where you want to migrate. For those who do not know foreign languages ​​well and has the ambition to live abroad then you may want to learn well before the latter.

For recent graduates who can not find employment after graduation and who do not want to take a year out there is the “master”. The master is a training program second level often organized by external bodies at the University of belonging that provides the student with an education in the field of election very thorough. Indeed it becomes specialists in certain fields related to their degree. The master has usually lasts two years or in the case of longer training courses every three years.

After graduating you can also opt for a sabbatical. A period of time in which to reflect on the objectives that you want to ask for his life. You can go on a long trip and explore distant lands, culturally distant from their home country. It is an option to regenerate the spirit. But wastes time to the person concerned on the professional level.