Surely the choice of the country or region where foreign study must take place primarily on the basis of the courses of study that are attending, the Faculty of their own interest, and in this regard we suggest you throw an eye on the charts (often published on this blog) of the best European and non-European universities in its faculty. In this way you can get an idea on the most prestigious venues in which to continue your path studio rum. In recent weeks we sent for instance data on the first 50 best universities in Europe, those of the top 100 in the world for the Faculty of engineering and scientific ones etc.

In addition to this, there are other parameters (undoubtedly minor and little decisive) but nevertheless impact to some extent on the choice of the venue where foreign study. I come to mind very personal aspects, like for example the choice of where to stay, whether it be a great European city, a tourist area or even a quiet rural area. This choice is dictated by the cultural environment that you plan to attend, given that a period abroad is living in close contact with the culture, customs and traditions of the place. Another element to consider is the type of accommodation you decide to reside, an apartment to share with other students, a family home or a university college: here, in addition to reckon with their own personal tastes and consider that more time passes with indigenous people best learn the language, also affects the budget that each of you has at its disposal. Keep therefore always present the cost of living in the host country.


Study In France

To be admitted in French universities, you must pass a language test and, sometimes, even a real contest. You can collect enrollment forms at one of the venues for the French Cultural Center (Tel. 02/4859191) and delivered by January 30, 2012. For more information, contact the cultural Office of French embassies abroad where to retrieve both the material of Office national information on the for: lessons learned and the professions, both the Bureau brochure information and orientation.

Study In Germany

The qualifications acquired in Germany is automatically recognized in Italy. Even in this case you must confront a language test, and you can obtain more information by contacting the German diplomatic offices.

Studying In Britain

The universities of the United Kingdom are all numerous clauses. Also in this case the knowledge of language is verified through testing. Further information may be obtained from the British Council (Tel. 02/772221), or to the competent ministries of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Study In Spain

In Spain you can apply for membership at any University, where you will be asked to pass a general test. You can request information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or of Education Honoring of Rome.