According to a survey of four months to users of Consider abroad, the results have fallen and they hold a few surprises! For several months, you were asked what is your favorite destination among countries that are mostly not the first choice of students. Latin America, the Scandinavian countries, some Asian countries like India and Singapore are destinations of study to gain awareness, but less attractive to students who want to go for their first study visit to abroad. In the end, 2117 votes were collected for nearly 12 destinations proposed studies: Netherlands / Norway / Finland / Sweden / Singapore / India / Mexico / Panama / Czech Republic / Russia / Denmark / Austria. So what came out winning original destination of this survey?

The classification of study destinations most original:

The survey was available from November 2012 to February 2013 and has garnered a total 2117 votes from the users to Consider abroad. We find the final ranking among the following 12 destinations:
Sweden – 17.9%
Netherlands – 12.8%
Norway – 11.5%
Russia – 10.5%
Singapore – 9.9%
Finland – 8.5%
India – 6.9%
Mexico – 6.9%
Austria – 5.4%
Denmark – 5.3%
Panama – 2.5%
Czech Republic – 1.9%


The leading trio is composed of three European countries, including two Scandinavian countries! It is surprising how little success with most tourist destinations climates “hot”, the majority of the leading countries are not known for their ability to attract visitors from around the world.

Scandinavian countries, winners of the survey:

Scandinavian countries generally include Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Russia, but also the vast majority of votes. It may seem surprising significant differences between countries, which are difficult to justify at first sight. Sweden wins alone 17.9% of the vote, while Finland does not even reach half with only 8.5% of the vote. Why such a difference? Why Sweden is it more appealing than the other Scandinavian countries?

Difficult to answer, this group of countries with relatively similar university systems, with courses in English available everywhere. Denmark is a leader in the same courses taught in English, but harvest yet only 5.3% of the vote. If we look at the economic indicators, Norway with 11.5% has the highest growth in the Nordic countries, and yet spends behind Sweden. The reasons for the success of Sweden are probably to look elsewhere!

Latin America, yet unattractive?

Only two countries in Latin America were present in the survey may be too little. Still, their success has not been overwhelming, with only 6.9% of the vote for Mexico and 2.5% in Panama. Mexico is one of the countries most advanced economic Hispanic speaking and has a highly developed educational system. It is a destination of choice for students who wish to improve their Spanish.

The lack of success of Panama, however, is more understandable, the country is not known for the quality of its higher education. You should always know that several American universities have taken up residence in Panama, and they represent an excellent opportunity to study on the spot while enjoying the reputation of an American institution.