Insurance when you study abroad, it is guaranteed that if a major health problem, accident, fall, illness, there’s no risk to your health or that of your wallet. problem If severe, hospitalization costs, or repatriation can quickly achieve considerable sums, and many countries do not have a health care system like France, which supports most of the expenses. A particular insurer specializes in insurance for young people abroad, wishing to travel or study, and offers attractive offers for all types of projects students abroad at affordable prices. The insurer deserves to be highlighted and presented to its offerings.

Chapka insurance, insurance for student travel and study abroad!

Chapka Insurance is a broker specializing in travel insurance and insurance for young expatriates: internships and study abroad, to pairs, Working Holiday, we offer healthcare solutions adapted to each type of holidays and always at prices attractive to students who have a limited budget.


As a broker we create for our clients and negotiate travel insurance from most major insurance companies and international assistance. We always put quality management and the speed of reimbursement of medical expenses abroad, and responsiveness of medical aid societies abroad. In 3 years we have covered more than one million passengers and our partners have handled more than 5000 cases of assistance or travel insurance. Choosing insurance Chapka you are sure to be covered in all situations during your travel or study abroad , and you can study in peace! Here are the different types of insurance for student insurance offered by Chapka.

Cap Student presentation:

Cap Student Insurance is insurance for all students and trainees abroad. If you go on stage, in quarter or semester abroad or in language travel insurance you need. In Cape Student Insurance Insurance for Chapka you have a liability abroad included which is essential when traveling. You also get assistance repatriation 24h/24 and 7/7 managed by one of the largest global insurers and reimbursement of all medical expenses and hospitalization unlimited and no deductible. You can subscribe online and renew in a few minutes from anywhere.

Cap Presentation Working Holiday:

Cape Holiday Insurance working was created especially for owners of working holiday visa in one of the six signatory countries of the Convention: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Korea.Health insurance is required when a working holiday visa in effect an operation for appendicitis in Australia can cost more than € 12,000 and repatriation medicalized over € 35,000 and in any country. assurance Cap Working Holiday of Chapka insurance reimburses you 100% for your medical expenses and hospitalization and from 1 st euro and no deductible. It includes repatriation assistance 24h/24 and 7/7 provided by one of the largest global insurers. You are also covered if you travel to other countries for the duration of your working holiday visa. This is the most comprehensive insurance and one of the cheapest in the market (from 37 € / month only). So you go on working holiday visa at the other end of the world peace of mind.