That can bring you an internship abroad?

Internships are an excellent solution for students to become more professional in their studies and increase their employ ability in the future. Often at key times in your training, they help you understand the world of business, and often to know the sectors that interest you. Today, the question arises more often when looking for an internship. “Should I go on internship abroad or stay in France? “. The answer lies in the lines of this article, which provides the main reasons why you need to do an internship abroad.

Why not do an internship abroad?

To answer the question, let’s put it the other way. Why not do an internship abroad? Indeed, there are several bad reasons that lead you to seek an internship abroad. Here is a non exhaustive list of bad reasons to go: Discover and learn a language: Employers are not designed to help international students to learn a language, but to hire already operational. So if you have a low level in the language of the post concerned, do not expect to be recruited during the interview. An intermediate language is a per-requisite, the majority of positions not requiring to be bilingual, but to understand and to be understood in the language of the country.


Get paid: While it is often said that the expatriates earn more than workers remaining in their country of origin, the rule is rarely valid for internships. Many countries have little or no reward at all their students, while international students are sometimes paid even less. However, there are exceptions, especially in developing countries, particularly in Asia, where the control of the Russian or Chinese can earn you big.

Going on vacation: Sometimes students going abroad confuse holidays and training. Indeed, far from done with her ​​bags can have a misleading effect, but in fact, the reality is often different. From internship abroad means working an average of 40 hours per week, like any employee in most countries. If you have evenings and weekends to relax and travel, the atmosphere will still be less relaxed than your last vacation in the south of France with friends.

But then, why should I go on internship abroad?

An internship abroad is above all a unique opportunity to put your career on international experience and develop your language skills while learning about the industry you are interested in a different way. But a closer look at the major reasons to do an internship abroad: Out of your comfort zone: Going abroad is a unique opportunity to start from scratch and find the complete unknown. New friends, new environment, new culture. Hard to beat if you want to try something completely new!

Develop experience abroad: Recruiters need young ready to move on international market, ready to be mobile at all times. A first experience abroad is clearly a positive message that you send them in this direction.

An improvement of your language skills: Improve your language skills and discover specific to certain sectors vocabulary. Here we are talking about development, as recruiters looking little students talking about the language used in the work environment.

Discover the country: If you work a week, you’ll probably available on weekends. This is a great opportunity to travel and participate in activities to meet young people and discover new things.

Gain maturity: From internship abroad means some leave the family cocoon for the first time. An excellent opportunity to learn to live alone and become familiar with the constraints.

It seems that the reasons do not fail to go on internship abroad, it is only necessary to have the right incentives to avoid disappointment or misunderstanding once there! To give you more than once in your host country to make the experience as memorable as possible!