You are more likely to go study abroad. The aims and motivations of each vary enormously, but we must recognize that an experience beyond its borders and mastery of a second language (especially English) is a prerequisite very often required by employers.

Studying abroad in immersion

When you are seriously thinking to improve your level in a foreign language, few of you will dispute that the best way to achieve this is to immerser in the country of the language, to truly live and breathe. Immersion means living in the rhythm of the local culture and talk, think, dream language on 24. After some 24 hours of classes in France, in a specialized school, in college or in your school, you do capitaliserez not on your teachings, since barely out of class, you rependrendrez the course of your normal life, surrounded by your friends and loved speaking. By extracting this daily comfort you, you can expect to make significant and rapid progress, while soaking up the nuances that you will never learn in progress: culture, humor, emotions … Not to mention your focus which will improve with local people.

Studies abroad: an asset to your career

Others of you will think abroad with a view to validating them university graduates. Why then do so from the ├ętanger rather than in France? Well it’s an opportunity to discover a new educational system, new approaches, previously unknown openings that allow you to enrich yourself personally while giving you nice weapons for your future career. Not to mention the undeniable prestige of some foreign universities, known throughout the world and which will necessarily add value to your CV! If your level is already good, pursuit of study abroad is an ideal way to improve your language skills while offering a total immersion and a teaching style that you change of scenery.

And Study Experience in?

What is certain is that an application for enrollment in a school of language or a university abroad can not be improvised and must be meticulously prepared well. The method varies from one country to another, from one university to another and from one program to another, and a cover letter, a CV, a record, do not prepare as in France. Whether you are in high school, bachelor, masters or doctorate in, the Study Experience services are designed to assist you the best in your efforts and maximize your chances of success.