Canada as the United States has a very strict policy vis-a-vis health insurance for foreign students, they are simply mandatory ! Medical coverage for students in Canada is not the same as the province of residence, and therefore varies from one province to another. In some provinces, students are not covered by provincial health insurance and must turn to private insurance. To facilitate the process, and avoid unexpected, it is highly advisable to take a French insurer, before his departure, which reduces the workload once he arrived in Canada.

Do not forget that in some cases it will not be possible to benefit from the provincial insurance because conditions are too restrictive. For example, when we take the case of the University of Alberta all foreign students staying less than 12 months on site can not purchase insurance, and must turn to private organizations.


Our partner chapka Insurance , specialist coverage of young expatriates, offers a special contract for students or trainees in Canada, Cape Student. This insurance provides you with repatriation, offers assistance 24h/24 and 7/7 and your medical and hospital expenses are unlimited and paid from the first euro. This insurance also includes baggage insurance, and liability abroad. As expatriates you do not get your liability insurance included in your home insurance. You do not have to ask yourself whether or not you can benefit from the provincial insurance once you arrive in Canada, all the steps have been doing before!

Presentation of assurance “Cap Student” chapka of Insurance to study in Canada:

Student Insurance Cap is insurance for all students and trainees abroad. If you go on internship in quarter or semester abroad or language travel insurance you need it, especially in Canada and it is mandatory. In the Cape insurance Student insurance you chapka of liability abroad included which is essential when traveling. You also get assistance repatriation 24h/24 and 7/7 managed by one of the world’s largest as well as reimbursement of all medical expenses and unlimited hospitalization and no deductible insurance, which is far from important in a country like Canada where every health problem has a substantial impact on your budget.