It is not easy to decide for a university. This article shows the advantages of the University of Erfurt and to make that decision easier.

Deciding what you want to study is not easy. Every summer, countless young people from the same tough question. It may be helpful in choosing the right course, if you know where you want at all. Erfurt , the capital of Thuringia, reveals itself as the best study city, and if you feel comfortable in a city, it is studying nothing in the route.

In Thuringia, there are no tuition fees

There are still some states where it is the so-called tuition fees are these are only old federal states. The trend is, however, is that more and more states to abolish tuition fees. Of course, the tuition fees are higher by several hundred euros than in other states, but one should not forget that studying in Germany is still very cheap. In the UK, you pay a few thousand pounds, and ever in the U.S. are even $ 10,000 per semester are not uncommon. However, you also pay in the states where there is no tuition fee: the so-semester fee. You can get it everywhere, even in Thuringia and thus Erfurt.


Mobile with the semester ticket in Erfurt, Thuringia

As mentioned above payable at the University of Erfurt, a semester fee, which is composed of various services. Is the general term contribution is between 100 and 200 euros – depending on the university and the services that are included. Since this can always change, the semester fee is also variable and can vary from semester to semester. In the article, which is payable to the University of Erfurt, various administrative posts have included management fees, library contribution and the student ID. This is also the key to all aspects of a student. With the student card you can make free use of trams and buses all over the web and Erfurt in Thuringia. Since the summer semester of 2009 can be unlimited rail travel in regional traffic, which is not only for students from Thuringia, an advantage, but also to all others who may go on to the border with other countries in Thuringia tickets.

Language courses at the University of Erfurt are free

The language courses at the University of Erfurt are free. In nearby Jena, however, you have to pay for it. Apart from the students who have clearly demonstrated language courses (hence English, French, Italian or Spanish), each student must demonstrate knowledge of English at the University of Erfurt in the level B1 in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Apart from that there are some courses, including Germanic, for which one must prove language proficiency of two modern foreign languages. So you should take the chance and his language skills improve and expand. Never again do you get such a chance to get a taste in so many different languages, are taught by native speakers and for free. As can match any school or community college.

Easy access to the university by the central main campus

A big plus of the University of Erfurt is the main campus in North Street houses. The tram lines 3 and 6 to one directly to the “university” from which it is up to the campus just a stone’s throw away. Unlike other universities, the campus is united with all the buildings in one place. These include the Auditorium Maximum (lecture hall), other teaching buildings, staff buildings, dormitories, the refectory, the University of kindergarten, library, sports hall, administrative building as the International Bureau and the Department of courses and teaching. Since almost all the buildings and institutions are centrally located, it makes the transition from one course to another easier. The Faculty of Theology, however, can be found in the city center at Erfurt Cathedral and the field of art is also in the inner city. Nevertheless, the campus is manageable and you can find all related buildings centered on there.

Important information for students from abroad

Each semester there are a number of new exchange students who come from foreign partner universities at the University of Erfurt. From the beginning, you can click Help and Support leave, because the International Bureau shall supply to each semester, a tutoring program where students engaged German exchange students at the station, show them the campus and easily during the early days to the side stand. There is also the option of a preparation program before the semester begins to participate, and you get to know the city at various events and life in Germany. During the semester, you can count on support, such as the high school group ESN Erfurt: it organizes excursions, also Puzzelkiste where to purchase free of charge as an exchange student, small furniture and household utensils, and at the end of the semester may return. In Erfurt, there is the association “Strangers become friends,” in which you and other Germans may come into contact even non-students.