Williams College is experiencing a fantastic period of growth and change, is in fact in place its first expansion since its opening in 2002, which would make him one of the most important institutions in London. The services and infrastructure of Williams College have been modernized and upgraded, with the construction of a new building 200 meters away from the complex, which can accommodate another 200 students.

Williams College

The Morley House is an imposing commercial structure that provides students with spacious reading rooms, 70 computer stations and software for learning, study and reading area and a cafeteria in the building well equipped. However, the project of the College beyond its initial objective to motivate the student of a continuous self-improvement to achieve levels of excellence. The institute aims to achieve this goal by creating a balanced and positive learning environment, within which the participants are enthusiastic and motivated to maximize their potential and bring prestige to their respective organizations. Actually, its goal is to offer professional education of excellence.

The College is located in central London, in an area of ​​shopping centers and shops. The campus is located at the Inn Thavies House, Holborn Circus, home to the School of Business & Communication Italiana and the central administration. The new structures are found instead in Morley House, Holborn Viaduct, which houses the School of Business & Information Technology. Students may have lessons in both campuses, depending on the choice of courses and materials.

Classrooms and Cafeterias:

Students of Williams College can enjoy a break in the classrooms of the campus of common Thavies House and Morley House: several tables and chairs make the slats a comfortable environment to relax between classes the other. On both campuses has also been set up a cafe next to a lounge with tables and chairs, as well as a microwave oven that students can use at will. At the bar you can buy a wide range of snacks and drinks throughout the day and is open from 9 am until 5 pm.