Learning the languages ​​? Not only is it useful in an increasingly globalized world, learning different languages ​​would be able even to act positively on our brains. Enough to make us smarter. Word of a study at the University of Edinburgh published in the prestigious journal Annals of Neurology.

Do you speak at least two languages? Then, according to research by the Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology, University of Edinburgh,’re smarter than those who speak only one. The positive effects of language learning discovered by scientists in Scotland? Slowing of brain aging, increase reasoning skills , memory better and faster processing of thought.


The study, under the coordination of Dr. Thomas Bak, between 2008 and 2010 measured by intelligence tests to 853 people class ’36, who had already taken part in tests measuring IQ in 1947, on the occasion of the Scottish Mental Survey. The researchers then compared the two ratios: one obtained by the participants of 11 years and the recent one. And they found that those who speak two or more languages ​​recorded a level of intelligence significantly higher than we might have expected in the light of the data of 1947.

That is, bilingualism and multilingualism stimulate the brain, intelligence and cognitive abilities. Stimulated and improved are especially memory, reasoning ability and speed in the development of thought. So said Bak, who led the study at the University of Edinburgh: “These results are significant from the practical relevance. In the world, millions of people learn a second language at an advanced age. Our research shows that bilingualism , even if acquired in adulthood, may be a small advantage against the aging brain. ”

Learning languages ​​comes therefore entitled to all of the “recipes” to keep the brain young, combat cognitive decline and degenerative diseases of the elderly, first of all the Alzheimer’s. Other methods of anti-aging brain? The most recent studies show the Mediterranean diet and sex in the great elixir of life for the brain.