It is possible to work in the UK during your studies at the moment you look at least 6 months on site. So you must stay at least one semester. Before accepting a job, think he held at the time in your schedule for the primary purpose of your trip is to study and not to work.

The money earned from this job can not be used to guarantee your entry into England to show that you are able to meet all your expenses on site. The only time you can actually do is when you have already found the job before entering the country, and you can prove that you will pay.

Citizens of the European Union do not need a work permit to take up a job in England. Do not hesitate to consult the testimony of Anthony, a student went to work for a year in England through various student jobs!

Statutory working time in England:

It is possible to work up to 20 hours per week during your studies, this limit increasing to 40 hours during school holidays. It is valid for university students but also in linguistic studies that do not prepare diploma “official.”


The research student job in England

England is known for offering many student jobs, they even at the beginning of September some organizations recruit directly in universities. Overall, it is easy to find a job as a waiter, shop or seller. To start the search, most universities have a department called “Career Service” which helps students to find a student job offers by providing or using in searches. It offers part-time contracts, as well as seasonal jobs for the holidays. You can also check local newspapers, employment agencies or simply offer your services to restaurants or other local businesses in prospecting for yourself.

Student stipends in England:

The average salary for a student is around 6.5 lbs per hour or a little more than 8 euros . The minimum wage in the United States depends on the age of the employee. 18 to 21 years, it is 4.25 pounds or 5 euros, and it is £ 5.05 for over 21 years is 6 euros. This salary lower than in France can be explained by the exchange rate of the pound was 1 pound = 1.5 euros 1 year ago and a half, which fell to 1.15 euros on average. French people working there are disadvantaged.

After graduation, is it possible to work?

All students graduating from UK university may stay and work for up to 12 months after graduation. demand is from the “International Graduate Scheme” and is less than a year after graduation graduation.