An essay is a kind of a brief summary of scientific works, tractates on a certain topic, review of literature in a certain field given in writing form or in the form of a public report. Such a review should give the reader an idea of the current state of knowledge of a specific scientific problem, including a comparison of the experts’ opinions supplemented with independent estimation of their truthfulness and credibility.

Unlike research papers, theses, monographs aiming at obtaining new knowledge in the course of independent exploration of the problem and its introduction into scientific use through publication, an essay does not involve the presentation of independent research results. Its task is to generalize from facts obtained by other researches and to define a problem independently on the basis of facts learnt from different sources like paper writing help.

As we can see, it is really a hard task to write an essay correctly since it shouldn’t be presented in the form of simple retelling of received information. Writing an essay is in-depth study requiring thorough knowledge from an essay writer.

Firstly, it is very important to choose a topic correctly. Choosing a topic, give preference to those you are familiar with and interested in. Also, it’s better to choose topics that don’t require specific professional literature. Check sources at topical library catalogs and bibliographical references. Your essay topic shouldn’t be too general since relatively small volume of essay (20-30 pages) won’t allow to explore and present it properly. In selecting the theme, you must ask how it is illuminated in the available scientific literature.

When the choice is made, it’s time to move to studying the sources. There actual scientific literature and popular scientific literature should be distinguished. The distinctive features of scientific literature are the presence of bibliographic apparatus, publications in academic institutions’ and major universities’ editions. The reading of scientific literature requires specific skills and approaches.
The following step is drawing up a plan of the essay. A properly composed plan serves as an organizing principle in your work on writing an essay, helps to arrange the information and ensures sequence of its presentation. A typical essay plan includes:

– Introduction
– Chapters
– Conclusion
– List of references
– Application (at the discretion of the author).