River City is mountainous, the Luojia alone show; the hill school, Wuhan University.Wuhan University is directly under the Ministry of Education key comprehensive university of national “985 Project” and “211 Project” key universities.Traceability of Wuhan University in 1893 the late Qing Dynasty Viceroy Zhang Zhidong petitioned self-School founded by the Qing government, after inheritance evolution named National Wuhan University in 1928, is modern China’s first batch of National University. In 1946, the school has formed a pattern of school of the arts, law, management, engineering, agriculture, medical School to keep pace. After the founding of new China, Wuhan University by the party and government attach great importance. In 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong in person Wuhan inspections.

Wuhan University

In 1993, Wuhan University centennial celebration of the occasion, Jiang Zemin and other Party and state leaders inscription congratulations. Since the reform and opening up, Wuhan University in domestic colleges and universities take the lead in educational reform, the industry to grow, the overall strength significantly increased. In 1999, the world’s authoritative journal “Science” magazine Wuhan University as “one of the most distinguished universities in China. In 2000, Wuhan University and Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering, Wuhan University of Science and Technology of Surveying and Mapping, and Hubei Medical University merged to form a new Wuhan University, opened a school reform and development of a new one. Together at school over a decade, the school overall strength and core competitiveness is rising, in 2011, the school entered the British “Times” World University Rankings 400 strong.

Looking back at the past, the whip and plowed the hard earth, good governance, of greatness into. Luojia mountains the international situation, Zhou Enlai, Dong Chen Tanqiu Ronghuan in pointing Jiangshan; Gu Hongming, Impact, Li Siguang, heard more than one, Yu Dafu, tao, Li Da was here Jiyangwenzi. Hundred years, Wuhan University brings together the modern history of the Chinese nation many exciting chapter, forming a fine revolutionary tradition, leaving rich cultural heritage, nurturing the spirit of ” self-reliance, Hony, seeking extension of new “university.

Around the East Lake Wuhan University, sitting on Luojia Hill, a beautiful campus environment, picturesque, known as “the most beautiful university in China. The school covers an area of ​​5166 mu, building area of ​​2.56 million square meters. Simple and elegant Chinese and Western-style palace buildings, majestic and impressive, 26 of the early buildings were listed as national key cultural relics protection units. In recent years, the Law Building, administered by the building, foreign language building, computer building erected, a school in the new century landmark building.

Wuhan University wide range of disciplines, comprehensive and strong and obvious characteristics, covering 11 disciplines of philosophy, economics, law, education, cultural, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, etc. The school has a humanities, social sciences, science, engineering, information science and medicine six 37 College Faculty (Department). There are 114 undergraduate majors. The five disciplines are identified as national key disciplines, covering a total of 29 two disciplines, and another 17 two disciplines have been identified as a national key disciplines. Six subjects for the national key subject (cultivating). 36 disciplines with a doctorate conferred. 250 two disciplines with a doctorate conferred 347 subjects of professional master’s degree granting. There are 32 post-doctoral research station. Has three three-level subsidiary hospital.

Wuhan University teacher meta Yingcai gathered. Existing school full-time teachers and more than 3600 people, which more than 2,400 professors and associate professors, 7 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, nine Chinese Academy of Engineering, three Eurasian Academy of Sciences, 8 senior professor of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 15 “973 Project” chief scientist (including major national basic research program), 4 “863 Project” plan experts in the field, 4 for Creative Research Groups, 37 National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation winners, 15 National Teaching teacher.

Wuhan University research strength, and remarkable achievements. The school has five national key laboratories, 2 national engineering research center, two National Field Research Station, 12 Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, and 5 Ministry of Education, Engineering Research Center; 7 Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social sciences key research base, 10 national basic scientific research and talent training bases, 8 state-level experimental teaching demonstration center and a state university students and cultural quality of education base.

Since 2000, the school won the State Natural Science Award, National Invention Award and National Science and Technology Progress Award, three Awards of 37, the number of SCI papers and the National Natural Science Foundation of the number of items were ranked in the forefront of the national college education in the first, second and third Humanities and Social Science Research Excellence Award winners of the number of rank colleges and universities in the country, the fourth in second place, the subject of the National Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Social issues tops in the forefront of the national college, and several ten results obtained “Five One Project Award, National Book Award, Book Award. School ten times in a row won the Product Excellence Award (Contract Award) Shenzhen International Hi-Tech Fair and Outstanding Organization Award.
Wuhan University actively using its own technology, intellectual resources and scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrialization of the way, with companies and research institutions to carry out multi-level cooperation in various fields, to build high-tech industrial development platform, co-founded more than 70 The high-tech enterprises, and achieved good social and economic benefits, but also to promote the development of the school.

Schools to participate in scientific research and construction of the Three Gorges Project, the South, the West-East lost and other national key projects, the Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Expedition, continue to achieve new breakthroughs in major infectious disease prevention and control of scientific and technological, Maxie HL type of hybrid rice, high-frequency ground wave monitoring radar, GPS global satellite positioning and navigation, high-performance hybrid batteries and other applied scientific and technological achievements not only of great theoretical value, and also had a tremendous social and economic benefits.

Experts and scholars of the humanities and social sciences and give full play the role of the “think tank” and “think tank”, and actively explore the relationship between national economic construction, social development and human progress major theoretical and practical problems, made a number of great theoretical significance and application value. results of scientific research for national economic construction and social development provides a strong theoretical and intellectual support. Large-scale Chinese books “so training exchange compile” translation “Kant three critical new translation, academic history and reality of Marx’s labor theory of value” to become a landmark achievement of the new era school humanities and social sciences.

Knowledge in martial arts, taught in Luojia. Wuhan University first proposed the new concept of “creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and education, developing a” thick foundation, wide caliber, high-quality, innovative composite talents, actively explore to adapt to economic and social development, personnel training mode. 32,848 schools existing ordinary undergraduates, 13,759 postgraduates, Ph.D. 7477, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas students to 586, another foreign students 1422. Since its establishment, the school has trained more than 40 000 various types of senior specialists, academicians only there are more than 100 people, made important contributions to national construction and social progress.
The remarkable high level of educational achievement, Wuhan University has won a wide range of international reputation, have become increasingly frequent international exchanges and cooperation, 370 schools and 44 countries and regions, universities, research institutions have established a cooperative relationship.

Heritage for centuries, brilliant, develop their elite style. The face of new opportunities and challenges, Wuhan University, the scientific development concept as a guide to develop the construction with Chinese characteristics, a world-class, internationally renowned university in the general objective, clear to build a comprehensive, research-oriented, international university positioning, is committed to promoting the coordinated development of academics, discipline, academic style of study, students, and continuously improve the school overall strength and core competitiveness, the work in the stable development, innovation forward to the school as a whole has shown rapid development new situation.More than 100 years of wind and rain, over a hundred years, suffering more than 100 years of glory. Wuhan University is full of confidence and pride towards a better future!