The young graduates are increasingly attracted to the agricultural work. According to research carried out by Redirection in collaboration with IXE, one of the jobs of the dreams of under 35 Italian is to open a farm. According to data collected almost 7 per cent of the farms in our country have owners with less than thirty-five years, and among these, as many as 30 percent have a college degree. Sets then, finally the stereotype of the ignorant peasant and of a certain age.

The 54.480 companies with young owners, as evidenced by the call of the earth will face more and more among boys feel Italian. And the increase in the level of education of new farmers, who in many cases are now college graduates, is also accompanied by a transformation of the work. The cultivation of the earth is no longer the only activity: there is above all to run alongside the farm. But not only the “new farmers” are also involved in the management of educational farms , in the direct sale of agricultural products and animals, and even in their transformation . It grows, in fact, the number of those who give themselves to the production of cheese, wine, oil, bread, beer and sausages.


The green economy exerts a powerful fascination, because it is a growth industry, despite the economic downturn. The credit is also in the Internet that allows you to advertise their business in ways that were previously unthinkable. A play in favor of the expansion of this sector is, however, also the increased attention that you have towards food and its authenticity. From this point of view, the data emphasize an increase in sales of organic food equal to 8, 8 per cent in a year.

For this series of factors, agriculture is attracting more and more young Italian graduates. After years in which the trade of the farmer had lost appeal, now there are many people who want a life closer to nature. And the number one dream for many is to open a farm : it is what he would like as many as 54 percent of the children of our country, while just 21 percent say they aspire to work in a multinational company and a measly 13 percent hopes to work in a bank. 46 per cent of under 35 even leave their jobs to become a farmer, if he had the opportunity to buy land.