Zhejiang University is located in a paradise on earth Hangzhou, the beautiful West Lake, is a century-old heritage of the Ministry of Education under a national key university, is China’s first 7 “211 Project”, the first 9 “985 Project” Everest Plan, one of the prestigious universities of key construction of the “111 plan”, is also a member of the University of China, “Ivy League” (C9 Union). Predecessor was established in 1897, the demand is the College, is one of the Chinese people themselves, the earliest established institutions of higher learning. 1928 changed its name to National Zhejiang University. Republic had one of the top universities in China, the famous British scholar Joseph Needham reputation as ” the East Cambridge. Today, a hundred years glorious history of Zhejiang University, through the pioneering and enterprising, and strive to build a world-class university with international advanced level.

Teaching and research base:

Zhejiang University has a national key disciplines 14, 71, another two national key disciplines, 14 national focus (professional) Laboratory, a national engineering laboratories, 5 national engineering (technology) research center, the ordinary 3 Institute of Humanities and Social Science Key Research Base, the national basic scientific research and teaching personnel training base of 8, 4 National Engineering Foundation Course teaching base, three national strategic industry personnel training bases, increase blood and Experimental Demonstration Center 8, a national IC research base, a National Research Center of Engineering Drawing, a National Animation Design Research Centre, National University Students Cultural Quality Education Base 1.


Zhejiang University with highest honor “Impact and scholarship freshmen scholarships, scholarships for outstanding students, scholarships and community set up scholarships, grants and dozens of award-winning surface in more than 40% scholarship amounting to 10 million yuan. Schools through the “prize”, “loans”, “fill”, “ground”, “free” five channels to resolve the practical difficulties of the poor students to fulfill our commitment to never let a student to drop out of school due to financial difficulties.

In order to motivate students to study hard and to reward outstanding students, the school set up in the undergraduate freshmen scholarships, scholarships for outstanding students, forestry Normal class scholarship, and to promote students to improve the awareness of innovation, reward in a made remarkable achievements Special Scholarship.Addition, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Baosteel Group , Procter & Gamble Taiwan Panorama Foundation many domestic and foreign companies, enterprises, institutions, foundations, and individuals in schools, colleges and departments set up scholarships, grants of more than 60 kinds. Many outstanding students get awards, part of the financial difficulties learning but diligent student also received funding.

Study Loan:

The school actively encourage poor students overcome their learning difficulties in life, to establish a loan-based tuition student loans fixed study loan, temporary study loan three forms of interest-free loan system. The total amount of $ 3.6 million per year.The tuition study loan: points to the full amount of the loan (full tuition) and half the amount of loans (half of the tuition) categories, generally no more than 2% of the total number of junior college students.Study loan fixed: First Class: 1500 yuan / year, the proportion of 3%; second: 1000 yuan / year, the proportion of 7%;Interim study loan: for various reasons, a sudden onset of difficult students, and schools to provide temporary loans.